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Model3D Namespace Reference


class  Material
class  Keyframe
class  Model3D


bool load_file (const std::string &a_path, char **a_buffer, int &a_bytes_read, const bool binary)

Function Documentation

bool Model3D::Model3D::load_file ( const std::string &  a_path,
char **  a_buffer,
int a_bytes_read,
const bool  binary = true 

Use this method to load any file from the filesystem This method will return a buffer, clients must free the a_buffer afterwards

a_pathspecifies the file to load
a_bufferwill be used to load the data from the file as bytes
a_bytes_readoutput the total number of bytes read
binaryread the file in binary mode
std::string path="path/to/any/file";
char **buffer = NULL;
return_code = load_file(path, buffer);
true if the file is loaded successfully otherwise look for error messages in std::out

Definition at line 33 of file model3d.cpp.