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Virtual Streaming Interface (VSI)

Data streaming interface. More...


 Virtual Streaming Interface API for application firmware.
 VSI Python interface
 VSI python interface.
 VSI Use Cases
 Use Cases for Virtual Streaming Interface (VSI)


Data streaming interface.

The Virtual Streaming Interface (VSI) is a flexible memory-mapped peripheral available in AVH FVP models. It can be used to simulate data streaming interfaces such as audio, video, and various sensors often found in IoT and machine learning (ML) applications. The VSI is provided in 8 independent instances that can be used in parallel for multi-channel input/ouput interfaces.

The figure below illustrates the concept behind the VSI on AVH FVP models.

Using the Virtual Streaming Interface (VSI)

Section VSI Use Cases explains in detail the reference implementations of VSI-based peripherals. Specifically Audio via VSI implementing audio streaming input from a local audio wave file and Video via VSI implementing video streaming from a local video or image file.

Access to the VSI peripherals is defined in the following files:

File Description
./interface/include/arm_vsi.h VSI API header file
./interface/python/ VSI Python interface script template for instance 0
: :
./interface/python/ VSI Python interface script template for instance 7

An example flow for using the VSI peripheral is shown on the figure below:

Example flow for using the VSI peripheral